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Marker labels a dict with typing information



AHU delivery method of conditioned air to the zone


AHU supplies air to chilled beam terminal units


AHU supplies air directly to the zone


AHU discharge air is split into a duct per zone


AHU supplies air to VAV terminal units


Ability of air handling equip to adjust volume of air flow


Delivers a constant volume of air flow


Delivers a variable volume of air flow


Design type of the ATES underground system


The ATES uses closed piping to transport a water/glycol mixture through the ground


The ATES has one or more pairs of a separate warm and cool well


The ATES is as a doublet, but with specific warm and cool wells linked together


The ATES has only one physical well


Similar to a doublet, but water always flows in the same direction from the extraction to the infiltration well


Primary mechanism of chiller


Cooling process using energy from heat source such as hot water


Compression via a continuous flow of fluid through an impeller


Piston compressor driven by a crankshaft


Rotary screw compression


Open or closed loop for condenser working fluid


Working fluid is kept separate from fluid used for heat transfer into the atmosphere


Uses working fluid itself for evaporation into the atmosphere


Processed used to cool a substance


Cooling by dissipating heat into the surrounding air


Cooling using transfer of heat to chilled water


Removal of heat through the process of water condensation


Cooling using direct expansion of a refrigerant vapor


Cooling using transfer of heat to water which is not explicitly chilled


Ductwork configuration


Two ducts


One single duct


Three ducts


Cold, hot, or neutral deck


Duct carries air for cooling


Duct carries air for heating


Duct carries air which by-passes both heating and cooling coils


Equipment section of ductwork


Duct for air leaving an equipment


Duct to access fresh outside air only for economizing, not ventilation


Duct used to expel air back outside


Duct for exhausting combustion


Duct with air entering an equipment


Duct where fresh outside air and return air is mixed together


Duct to access fresh outside air for both ventilation and economizer


Duct returning air back to equipment


Duct to access fresh outside air only for ventilation, not economizing


Processed used to heat a substance


Heating by the combustion of biomass


Heating by the combustion of coal


Heating using direct expansion of a refrigerant vapor


Heating by the conversion of electrical energy


Heating by the combustion of fuel oil


Heating using energy of hot water


Heating by the combustion of natural gas


Heating by the combustion of propane


Heating using energy of steam


Classifies a meter as a main site meter or submeter


Main meter for the associated site


Submeters measure usage of a sub-system or equipment within a site


Observable subscription - see docs


Power factor scope


Displacement power factor, which excludes effects of harmonic distortion


Distortion power factor


True power factor, which includes effects of harmonic distortion


Number of phases for an AC electrical power system or connected equipment


Single-phase AC electrical power


Three-phase AC electrical power


Type of fluid conveyed by piping


Equipment section of piping


Pipe used to bypass an equipment


Pipe used to circulate fluid through an equipment or system


Pipe conveys fluid into an equipment


Pipe used as central connection or manifold for other piping runs


Pipe conveys fluid out of an equipment


Plant piping loop


Pipework which circulates closest to the energy source


Pipework which circulates closest to the building or end use


Pipework which circulates within the building


Classifies the point as a sensor, command, or setpoint


Point is a command, actuator, AO/BO


Point is a sensor, input, AI/BI


Point is a setpoint, soft point, internal control variable, schedule


Quantity the point senses or controls


What the point senses or controls


Substance stored by a tank


How does the VAV pull in air


VAV pulls air from outside the primary air flow


VAV pulls air from the primary air flow


How does VAV modulate the temp based on duct pressure


VAV damper modulates to control space temp


VAV damper or a control valve that modulates to maintain desired flow setpoint