findAll(val, fn)

Find all the items in a list, dict, or grid by applying the given filter function. Also see find().

If working with a list, the filter should be a function that takes (val) or (val, index). It should return true to keep the item.

If working with a dict, the filter should be a function that takes (val) or (val, name). It should return the true to keep the name/value pair.

If working with a grid, the filter function takes (row) or (row, index) and returns true to keep the row. The resulting grid shares the original's grid meta and columns.

If working with a stream, the filter takes (val) and returns true to match. See Streams.


// find all the strings longer than 3 chars
["ape", "bat", "charlie", "dingo"].findAll(x => x.size > 3)

// find even numbers
[0, 1, 2, 3, 4].findAll(isEven)

// find all the sites greater than 10,000ft from grid
readAll(site).findAll(s => s->area > 10_000ft²)




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