lib sedona



This library provides a connector for the Sedona Sox protocol. Sox is a binary UDP protocol for comminication to controllers which run the Sedona Framework control engine.

The sedona connector provides the following features:

  • Learn support to walk the remote device component tree
  • COV subscription to any component property
  • Writable support to any component property


Sedona client connectors are configured with the following tags:

  • conn: required marker tag
  • sedonaConn: required marker tag
  • uri: formatted as "sox://host:port" such as "sox://"
  • username: user name for authentication
  • password: must have password stored in password db for connector's record id

After the first ping the following meta data tags are available:

  • sedonaVersion
  • sedonaPlatform


Points use the following tags:

The address strings are formatted as "compId.slot". An example address might be "4.out" where the compId is the component's integer identifier and slot is the string name.


Sedona connectors require a manifest XML file for each kit used by the remote devices. Manifests are stored under in the var/etc directory using this naming convention:


For example the "math" kit manifest with a checksum of "c22b255c" would be stored in the following file:


If running SkySpark, then manifests may be managed under the Sedona Manifests view under the Connectors app.